Apres ski yoga can be the best way to make the most of those few hours after the lifts close. Relaxing and releasing tense muscles will prevent muscle soreness and improve recovery time.  Wondering what ways are best to stretch to make the most of your apres ski yoga practice? We give you a few ways to stretch out after a good day on the slopes.

1.) Hero Pose

Are your thighs burning after one too many turns on the hill? Hero pose is an excellent way to release overused quadriceps. It can also feel very grounding and relaxing after a day of thrill seeking.

How-To For Hero Pose – Apres ski yoga tips: sit on a block underneath your sitbones or lie a bolster along your spine for support and comfort (especially if you have sensitive knees)

2.) Forward Fold

If you’re looking for a pose to relax tension along the back of your legs, and spine then forward fold is for you.  Forward fold can release your hamstrings while lengthening the erector spinae and lumbosacral fascia which can shorten and tense from twisting during skiing.

How-To Forward Fold – Apres ski yoga tips: You don’t have to touch the floor or keep your legs straight to enjoy this one! Relax your head completely to help relax tense neck muscles.

3.) Pigeon

This can feel like an intense pose, but it’s amazing for your glutes during an apres ski yoga session. It also feels great for your hips!

How-To Piqeon Pose – Apres ski yoga tips: sit on a block if your hips feel unbalanced or if you experience any sensitivity in your knee. If your knee still has pain, try practicing thread the kneedle on your back instead.


Looking for more ways to stretch out after the hill? Join us for a yoga class today? Sign in here!

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