When arriving to town, most people are lured to Whistler Village for the love of skiing or snowboarding, but there are many more Whistler winter activities to enjoy. We’ve even given a few options in case the snow conditions aren’t ideal. Whether you’re looking for some fun in the snow, or to relax while on vacation – there are lots of options for Whistler winter activities to choose from.

1.) Get on the mountain!

Yes, most people come here for skiing and snowboarding but there are other Whistler winter activities up on Whistler Blackcomb than just sliding around on snow! Get on the peak-to-peak or try something new you’ve never experienced. The mountain offers guided tours, on mountain dining, courses and more! Looking to tune up your skills? Try a lesson. Want to get into the backcountry some day? Try taking an avalanche course. The options are endless. For more information check out Whistler Blackcomb’s site

2.) Try Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

Even when there’s less snow than we’d like there to be, the Callaghan Valley tends to be open for cross country skiing or snowshoeing. It’s a fun way to get out in the fresh air and do something different. It’s also a great way to get active while enjoying the outdoors. Ski Callaghan is just south of Whistler making it a great addition to any winter activity.

3.) Ziplining

There are a few different options to do fun ziplining tours in Whistler. Breathtaking views and a connection to nature, what more could you ask for? The guides are friendly and reassuring to make it a pleasant experience. Tourism Whistler has excellent recommendations for ziplining tours

4.) Whistler Dining Tours

Ever wanted to experience fine dining in Whistler? With this unique opportunity you can enjoy a few of Whistler’s top restaurants in one evening for reasonable rates. Whistler Tasting Tours lets you experience variety and quality; known as the best dining experience in Whistler.

5.) Ice Skating

Ever wanted to skate in the outdoors? Whistler has an outdoor rink at Olympic Plaza close to the Olympic rings. No skates? No problem. Skate rentals are available during most of their opening hours and there’s no charge on helmet rentals. Tourism Whistler has more information on enjoying Whistler winter activities on the ice!

6.) Get a Massage or Try a Reiki Session

If you’re sore or exhausted after a busy day of activities, seeing a registered massage therapist can ease the recovery experience. Thai massage can also be a great way to stretch out and release emotional tension. Reiki can have many physical, mental and emotional benefits including energetic cleansing and healing. Yogacara has an experienced RMT along with thai massage and reiki practioners available for appointments – see RMT availability, Thai Massage Availability, and Reiki availability.

7.) Apres Yin or Restorative Yoga

After fun, adrenaline and indulgence, a yoga class can be a welcomed experience. Yin or Restorative yoga can relax tired muscles and soothe your nervous system after a busy day of Whistler winter activities. Check out our upcoming schedule to find a class – online Whistler yoga schedule


This is only a few suggestions to complement a long list of Whistler winter activities. Whether you’re visiting Whistler for the first time, or you’ve been here a lifetime – get out there and enjoy what our amazing community has to offer.

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