You already know that where you put your dollar counts. Buying products that are ethical and sustainable for the planet makes a big difference! You realize that making these conscious day-to-day decisions can slowly change the world. You’d think we’d have limited options here in our beautiful little mountain town but luckily, that’s not the case. We have plenty of choices in Whistler when it comes to buying consciously. Everything from shopping local, cruetly-free, eco-conscious, and more. We have a few perfect options for conscious shopping in Whistler if you’re looking for great brands that fit your lifestyle. All of the products listed are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. They are available in Whistler at Nesters, IGA, and most drugstores unless otherwise listed.


Personal Care/Grooming

1.) Live Clean

If you’re looking for budget-friendly and plant-based it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Live Clean. They have a large selection that ranges from shampoo and conditioners, to soap, and even a line for babies.

**all products are vegetarian/vegan, some may contain dairy or beeswax. Vegan options are clearly labelled

2.) Avalon Organics

If you’re looking for an all-organic alternative, Avalon Organics is your last stop. Their skin and hair products have excellent reviews and a loyal client base. Although it’d be tough to find in Whistler, their products are very easy to order off Amazon.

3.) Lush Products

Handmade, fresh ingredients, and a company that gives back in big ways? Yes please! Lush has great choices for bath products, skin care, hair care, and even makeup. Unfortunately the Lush store in Whistler has closed but their products are widely available online and their closest stores are in Vancouver.

4.) Yes To

Free of toxic ingredients (95% natural) and made of recycled materials, Yes To will probably be your new favorite for skin care. Products like Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Grapefruit promise glowing skin and with a cult-like following they are known to deliver. Available at select drugstores and on Amazon.


Cleaning Products

1.) Method

Known for being naturally-derived, biodegradable, and non-toxic, Method soaps boast a large range of products from laundry to dishsoap. With natural and pleasant scents like lavender and cucumber it might help you get motivated to tackle household chores.

2.) Seventh Generation

Free of dyes and artificial brighteners Seventh Generation is a great option for laundry, dishes, and surface cleaning. You’ll feel good about removing stains without harsh chemicals.


Hiking Gear

1.) Nice Shoes

The next time you’re in Vancouver check out Nice Shoes on Main! Not only do they have great options for hiking, but also for everyday footwear. Their whole selection is cruelty-free so no need to check the tags. You won’t regret making a stop there for your next trip to the city.

2.) Wicked Hemp

Using natural and recycled materials (plus they’re completely vegan!) there aren’t enough good things you can say about Wicked Hemp. Their hiking boots and shoes are an ideal option for your next adventure. It’s best to purchase Wicked Hemp products online on Amazon or Ebay.


Clothing and Swimwear

1.) Ocean Folk

Ocean folk is not just an eco-friendly and ethical swimwear company, they are also local! Focusing on ethical manufacturing and beautiful designs this Canadian, Whistler-based company is going to be your first choice when it comes to lake or beach-wear.

2.) Inner Fire

Known for their gorgeous designs and comfort, Inner Fire is tough to beat. They’re committed to social and environmental responsibility, plus they are based out of Vancouver. Each handmade piece is made from recycled bottles, how cool is that? Order their designs online here.

3.) Aware Whistler Events

Aware Whistler hosts different events that support sustainability. A local’s favourite is the clothing swap, a great way to reuse your clothes and find new treasures. Check out their upcoming schedule here.

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