Connection Celebration Meditation Yoga. Everyone has their own interpretation for the individual experience, or collective experiences, that relate to these values. Although each word can be explained in a unique way, there is a unified nature in their meaning. A meditation yoga experience can include many ways to connect and celebrate, whether that’s to yourself or to others.

Connection: A meditation yoga practice can create connection to your highest self. It’s important to connect to more than asana (or poses), but to all that yoga encompasses. This includes our awareness of our breath, which can connect us to deep, inner stillness and true bliss. Cultivating these qualities can make big differences on and off the mat. This awareness causes us to avoid those outer distractions – that way, focus can remain on what is truly important in life.

Celebration: After the fun and connection with friends and family over the holidays, it can be difficult to go back to “normal” life. As corny as it may sound, every day is an opportunity to celebrate. Celebration can be as simple as being grateful for the life and the learning experiences that come our way – even sharing the same connection to the human experience can be a cause to celebrate!

A sense of community can be created through a shared experience of mindfulness, connection, and celebration. Meditation and yoga can be a great way to create a deeper connection with yourself and others.



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