By Andrea Nacey, E-RYT and Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer


The creative process involves evoking the right side of our brain where we conspire with the abundance of the universe. Sitting down to meditate is an important steps for me as a writer, yoga teacher, and business woman. Another ritual I preform every morning before approaching my list of ‘work’ is to turn on the diffuser, and choose the oils that will support me throughout the day. This morning I choose Frankincense because I wanted to feel my best, and vibrate in harmony with the universe’s abundance. I also added a splash of Grapefruit to the essential oil blend in order to evoke love and acceptance. Rumi declares that “there are many ways to kneel and kiss the earth,” proving that it is crucial that we ground down and connect with our energy source to seek abundance.

Last week I was invited to speak to a group of Lululemons during their vision and goals workshop, absolutely stoked for the abundance being offered I said yes. I spoke about my first experience with vision and goal setting.


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