In our online yoga store we carry essential oils from DoTERRA. We’ve personally selected these 4 essential oils to help you connect with your bliss on and off-your-mat. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality and high standard of these natural health remedies. These safe, effective, and therapeutic-grade essential oils are available for delivery and in-studio pick-up.

*For topical and aromatic use only*

Easy Air Essential Oil Blend

Easy Air Essential Oil

Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend Deep Blue

Lavender Essential Oil (Pure)

Lavender Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil (Pure)

Peppermint Essential Oil

Our online yoga store has beautiful hand crafted mala beads from Maa Mala. These stones were specifically chosen to connect with the intentions of the studio. This allows you to cultivate connection, compassion, and community. Each mala is made with quality stones that reflect these unique elements. Every piece has a buddha charm as a reminder that peace is always with you. Feel uplifted and inspired anywhere you go! Available for delivery and in-studio pick-up.

Carnelian Mala

For CommunityCarnelian yoga mala beads

Snowy Quartz Mala

For Compassionsnowy quartz yoga mala beads

Moss Agate Mala

For Connectionmoss agate yoga mala beads

Share your love for our community! Fashion meets function with these durable tanks perfect for your yoga practice. Available in sizes S/M/L for $35+tax. Best to wash cold with like colours and avoiding ironing to keep your tank looking amazing.

Our friends at the Whistler Tea House have provided us with this special, organic herbal blend. A perfect choice to sip before and after class or from the comfort of home! Enjoy this loose leaf tea from anywhere in these ready-to-use 50g bags.

Organic Yoga Bliss Tea

yoga bliss tea organic

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