Going to yoga classes in your community is a great way to practice what you love and connect with others, so why would it make sense to do private yoga classes? There are many reasons why private yoga classes can be a great investment. We give you seven reasons to consider trying private yoga classes in the future.

1.) Personal Attention

You really can’t get a better ratio than 1-to-1 with your teacher. This allows the teacher to plan a lesson to your personal needs, whether that’s tailoring to a specific injury, or working towards that tricky pose you’ve had a tough time with.

2.) Communication

There’s more of an opportunity to create dialogue with your teacher when it’s appropriate. If there’s confusion with a pose, or there’s something that’s not working then you’re able to communicate your concerns.

3.) Working with an injury

This could be one of the most important of all. If you’re working with an injury, it is much better to go to private yoga classes initially after your injury to ease back into your practice. Your teacher can show you modifications to adapt your practice as you recover and prevent any further damage.

3.) Less distractions

Do you find yourself glancing over at your extremely flexible neighbor wondering how you’ll ever get there? Private yoga classes may help if you tend to be self-conscious. This way, you’ll truly be “in the moment” rather than focusing on where you are at vs. that other person.

4.) A ridiculous amount of space

Ever wanted to stretch out and make yourself as big as possible in a yoga class without bumping your neighbor? Now is your chance. Move as much as you want, stretch out as long as you wish and never bump into anyone. You will always have enough space without even asking for it.

5.) Learning something new

There may be a new pose, or meditation, or some aspect of your practice that you’d like to know more about. Taking private yoga classes will give time for the teacher to break things down, and either explain more deeply or to work towards your goals.

6.) Working with your schedule

It can be tough to find time to fit yoga into your busy schedule. Often times, yoga studios will accommodate appointment times outside of regular classes that will fit with your schedule. ¬†We always try our best to accommodate and help you achieve your goals, no matter what schedule you’re on.

7.) Doing what is always best for YOU

Although we always promote honoring your body in your practice, this is really the opportunity to do exactly what you need for that moment. That means if you need to slow things down, or a different aspect of the practice then you have that option. You even have the choice of what style of yoga to practice, and with so many to choose there is a lot of freedom to expand your horizons.

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