Thai Massage

Thai Massage from the Lanna Tradition of Northern Thailand is like a meditation in motion that can be invigorating, sedating or harmonizing, bringing balance to the elemental forces within the body. A flowing combination of tissue work, release points, channel work, passive-relaxed stretching, range of motion and arterial compressions are done with using hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet of the practitioner.


What to Expect

You will have full, private access to the studio and its amenities along with 1-to-1 attention from a highly skilled professional Thai Massage practitioner. Each of our experienced practitioners offer traditional techniques and therapeutic work.

A health history form is filled out and reviewed upon arrival by the Thai Massage practitioner who will discuss the goals you wish to see from the session. This form of therapeutic work is performed on a specialized mat on the floor, please wear stretching attire you will remain fully clothed as no oils are used.



Thai Massage can benefit everyone:
– Increases flexibility/range of motion, circulation, lymphatic flow and joint health
– Aids in the elimination of toxins
– Regulates the nervous system
– Reduces stress, increases relaxation
– Rehabilitates muscles post injury, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions
– Balances muscle compensation patterns (tones weak muscles, relaxes tight muscles)
– Allows mind and body to relax creating a greater sense of well being
– Complementary to all health care regimes; nutrition, meditation, and other physical therapies


Please email or call for appointment availability


1 Hour 45 mins $195 – Full Body Thai Massage

Mini Sessions (1 hour) $135 – Perfect for Specific Areas of Focus

Add Thai Cupping Therapy – $25 add on to either treatment

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