The holidays are an amazing opportunity to spend time with friends and family. The only downside of these joyous festivities can be the tendency to overindulge. Processed food, sugar and alcohol over the holiday season can result in feeling fatigued and unbalanced. Yoga can have many powerful effects, including the ability to detoxify. A detox yoga practice can benefit health and wellness by leaving one feeling clean, refreshed and energized. Here are a few techniques for your next yoga sequence to see the benefits of detox yoga.

1.) Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath)

Bhastrika pranayama or bellows breath has many benefits including the ability to promote detoxification. This powerful breath technique has the ability to purify physically and spiritually. Although detox yoga is important for the physical body, the cleansing aspects it can have on a deeper level should never be underestimated.

How to perform bhastrika

2.) Uddiyana Bandha (The abdominal lock)

While uddiyana bandha contibutes to a detox yoga practice, it also improves blood circulation to the abdomen. The increase in gastric fire promotes digestion and elimination to further contribute to the detoxification process.

How to practice Uddiyana Bandha

3.) Twists

The asana (or pose) portion of detox yoga is to include twists in your sequencing. Twists compress the body’s organs to help remove wastes and toxins. Think of it like wringing out an old sponge – the body has a similar ability to rid itself of what it no longer needs with a bit of twisting.


These three yogic cleansing methods can make a great addition to any morning routine. Using these detox yoga techniques during your regular practice will help you feel your best from the inside – out.


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