Detoxify Through Yoga, Getting Your Body In Top Condition

The first few weeks of the new year are over, but a very promising 2017 lies ahead of us! If you’re like millions of people who enjoy making New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you have resolved to make this year a great one in terms of health, and how you care for yourself. In this article, not only will we discuss ways to get your body in motion by means of yoga (which also serves as an excellent way of keeping your stress at a manageable level), we will give you some tips and tricks to detoxify that you can use to get yourself feeling fantastic in no time!

The body is always working hard to detoxify itself to function at its highest level. Your skin, and several organs, work together to clear your body of waste and other harmful substances. You can help yourself detoxify naturally by way of drinks, detox tea, and other means, such as exercise. Getting at least one hour of exercise per day is ideal for someone working to detoxify their body.

What about beyond yoga? Detoxifying drinks is another way to cleanse and purify. Detox water might be the perfect answer, and don’t be intimidated by how that may sound – this water can be made from the comfort of your own home. Check out this recipe for a delicious drink you can sip on throughout the day to help you detoxify:

1. Enough water to fill a mason jar

2. Two apples, sliced to fit inside jar (skin left on)

3. One food grade cinnamon stick

4. One teaspoon ground nutmeg

This is a very simple recipe for a delicious drink that helps to give you the detox you need and crave. After preparing your apples by cutting them into large chunks, skin left on, place them in your jar filled with water and let it sit in your fridge overnight. In the morning, add your nutmeg and cinnamon stick and enjoy your yummy detox water! Carrying your homemade water and tea in a mason jar makes it easier to bring it with you on the go, and it’s perfect for hydrating after a vigorous Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class.

Speaking of yoga, what yoga poses can help to not only strengthen your body, but detoxify it as well? Check out the following list of poses you can make use of for a new you:

1. The Revolved Chair Pose (stimulates the organs used for detox, works to improve the process of toxin elimination)

2. Eagle Pose (supports circulation, which helps flush toxins in the blood stream and strengthens the lymph system)

3. Shoulder Stand Pose (helps drain fluid in the lymph nodes, and moves any toxins in the body toward the heart to be oxygenated)

So if you’re ready to take the new year by the horns, practicing yoga and detoxifying your body will make you feel great. Keeping up wellness is essential to being fit for tackling the rest of your resolutions, so good luck on your health goals, and happy new year!

About the Author: Star Knightley is a 12 year detox veteran helping people live healthier with free detox info at http://naturedetox.org/

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