You may be asking yourself what the global yoga experience really means. Global yoga has a few definitions but for our case in Whistler, it’s quite unique. Most of the time, global yoga refers to a retreat, teacher training, or practicing yoga while travelling. For us in Whistler, global yoga takes on a whole new meaning since most of our community is from around the world.

We are very lucky to have a community of people who live here, along with people visiting from around the globe. Having such a diverse population is part of what makes Whistler so special. When it comes to the global yoga community, Whistler is no exception. In a yoga class, the yogi sitting next to you may give you advice on your next trip overseas, or you could meet a new travel buddy while sipping tea before practice. Practicing global yoga does not mean you have to leave the Whistler community, if you simply have a passion for yoga, travel and community then that can elevate your experience to a global level.

What makes the global yoga experience in Whistler so unique?

As a yoga teacher

– There are few opportunities to teach so many students from different parts of the world, for that we are truly blessed

– Language barriers? No problem! Yoga is accessible to everyone and we always look for unique ways to teach to everyone, including anyone who doesn’t have English as a first language. As yoga teachers, we love a challenge!

As a student

– The opportunity to see how yoga is different in other parts of the world, and how it is the same. How unique is it to bring the global yoga community together in one space?

– Connecting with people from around the world is one amazing benefit of the global yoga experience in a small studio! This is the opportunity have a meaningful conversation, gain a different perspective or receive useful advice on travelling.

Exposure to the global yoga community can be pretty incredible if you are a student or teacher. It opens you up to new possibilities and can help you see your world in a new light. Connect with someone today – our world may not seem so big after all.

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