Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or even flexitarian, anyone can appreciate the wholesome goodness of a plant-based meal. There are many reasons to choose a plant-based diet with plenty of organic veggies and fruits. More plant-based websites and bloggers are coming out with incredible resources to make mouthwatering dishes (that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out). With the right resources, these meals can be filling, tasty, and nutrient dense. Here is a list with some of the top plant-based recipe resources from websites and bloggers you definitely won’t want to miss.

1.) Oh She Glows

This one’s a no brainer. If you’ve ever stumbled upon this cookbook or website (or app!) you’re in good hands! This award winning vegan recipe website will make meals quick and easy. Angela Liddon (the founder) is a genius who has spent years perfecting the art of plant-based cooking. If you’re looking for food inspiration, Oh She Glows will be your first go-to.

2.) Minimalist Baker

This tasty plant-based website focuses on keeping it simple. With 10 ingredients or less this no BS take on plant-based cooking is a breath of fresh air. These recipes will be sure to impress even your carnivorous friends.

3.) Simple Vegan Blog

This one I stumbled upon more recently when I was trying to find a vegan alfredo recipe that didn’t use cashews. I usually LOVE using cashews to make creamy dishes but with the alfredo the flavour was never quite right. Enter in the simple vegan blog. Using cauliflower (yumm!!!) I found that it was exactly what I was looking for in a recipe. After scoping out the website I found a few other incredibly delicious yet simple options for plant-based meals.

4.) Olives for Dinner

This recipe resource lists options that recognize the difference between the ethical vegan and dietary perfection. These recipes encourage you to enjoy the flavours and cooking (rather than leading with logic and anxiety). If you love meals that are full fat, have plenty of flavor, and enjoy sauces this will be your vegan heaven. You’ll also appreciate the creativity for many of the dishes this blog shares.

5.) Buzzfeed (check out links below)

This one is probably the most surprising—it definitely felt random to me—but I’ve actually found quite a few good resources from Buzzfeed for vegan recipes (hello buffalo cauliflower anyone?!). Here are a few other good articles that boast plant-based cooking inspo:

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the suggestions! Happy cooking 🙂


About The Author

Emily Kane is yogi, snowboarder, and adventure lover based out of Whistler, BC. Outside of teaching yoga you’ll find her exploring the mountains, reading, travelling, or experimenting with a new plant-based recipe. Emily is a vegan with a passion for living a yogic lifestyle on and off-of-the-mat. To learn more about Emily visit her website or check her out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @EmilyKaneYoga

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