Yogis aren’t shy to trying out or sticking to plant-based options. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian having a place with tasty plant-based options is always a treat. Luckily, Whistler has plenty of options when it comes to a plant-based selection if you know where to look. Whistler plant-based foodies will appreciate this list from budget-friendly to a fancy night out.

Here are our top Whistler plant-based picks


For lunch:

Naked Sprout

Our neighbors below us have plenty of tasty plant-based options. From smoothies and juices to salad bowls and soups you’ll definitely want to stop here for lunch after class. Plus, they’re all organic and sourced from many local farms so you can feel good about what’s going into your body and supporting a community-minded local cafe.

Local’s tip:

A few times a year they offer a local’s lunch deal where you can get everything you want–food and smoothie–at one low price. Perfect for lunch dates!

Green Mustache

No plant-based list is complete for Whistler without Green Mustache. This spot is pure gold for tasty vegan eats. Our recommendation is to try the falafel wraps and the kitchari. Don’t forget to get one of the raw food desserts from the display cabinet! You definitely won’t regret it.

Local’s tip:

Get the app and earn points towards free smoothies and other goodies. Plus, it makes it easy to pay with a simple reload system.

Gone Bakery

Quiet and cozy Gone Bakery is a great stop for a quick meal or meeting up with a friend for lunch. With good plant-based options like the vegan bowl and the vegan pad thai you won’t want to miss this Whistler favourite.

Local’s tip:

With additional seating this spot is great for a sit down lunch and during off-peak times it is very chill so don’t forget your favourite book if you’re checking it out solo.


For a quick snack on your way up the mountain:


This local favourite has revamped its menu to include a lot of vegan options: muffins, smoothies, raw vegan energy balls, trendy new lattes… you can’t go wrong!

Local’s tip:

Download the cupcard app if you plan on getting a coffee or a drink. It’s their paperless version of a “punch card” to earn a free drink–make sure you get the promo code from your barista to use the app for free.


A casual dinner:

Royal Taste of India

This spot tucked away in marketplace is a true gem. If you appreciate authentic Indian food you’ll love Royal Taste of India. Our suggestion is to order the aloo gobi and palak channa.

Local’s tip:

This is a great spot for larger parties and they take reservations.

Garibaldi Lift Co (aka the GLC)

The GLC is a Whistler classic and luckily, it offers plant-based options. Dishes you won’t want to miss: the vegan caesar salad and the tempeh burger.

Local’s tip:

The GLC is known for its patio. Summer or winter you’ll want to make sure you’re prepped for the outdoors to get views of the mountain. It’s also the best spot in town to watch the Fire and Ice show every Sunday during the winter months. This show is a must-see at least once! It includes skiiers and snowboarders doing tricks through a ring of fire plus there’s fire dancers and fireworks.


For special occasions and night-out splurges:


This restaurant goes above and beyond to accommodate plant-based options for their guests. They regularly have a vegan special and the chef always puts together something amazing. They’ve got great wine and cocktails list–plus for the non-drinkers they have the best mocktails in town.

Local’s tip:

They offer a shoulder season deal twice a year on a multi-course meal and it’s fantastic value

Alta Bistro

Focusing on farm-to-table options this little bistro has thoughtful vegan options. Your best bet is to ask your server what the chef suggests and go from there. They are more than happy to accommodate!

Local’s tip:

Rumour has it they have two vegan chefs! …so you know it’ll be good.


When you want to order pizza with friends:

Functional Pie

Functional pie is the new kid on the block. After opening a short time ago this little pizzeria is quickly gaining steam bringing east coast style pizza to the mountains of Whistler. They’ve got a few options for vegan pizzas including a classic with veggie toppings and they even have options that use “beyond meat” products for a heartier plant-based option.

Local’s tip:

All of the vegans in Whistler let out a collective sigh of relief when Functional Pie came to town “Finally! A tasty vegan pizza!” You won’t want to miss this spot if you have a craving for a slice.


Did we miss any of your Whistler plant-based favourites? Let us know in the comments!


About the Author:

Emily Kane is a yoga teacher, adventure seeker, and nature-lover based out of Whistler, BC. Outside of teaching, her passions include snowboarding, hiking, plant-based cooking, reading, writing, and more. Being outdoors is a meaningful part of her life! She believes finding balance is the key which is why she appreciates the beauty in a quiet, seated meditation but also dancing like no one’s watching at music festivals. Emily is blessed to share her adventures with the people she cares about and feels honored to have many bright souls in her life. Connect with Emily on FacebookTwitterInstagram and on her website.





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