Yoga Teacher Training Whistler

Looking for a Teacher Training offered in Whistler at the studio?

Investment: $3,900+tax (if paid in full)

Payment Plan: $975+tax for each module


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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Yogacara in Whistler!

Program Dates for 2019: May 4th – May 11th

The 38-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training program is for EVERYONE.

In this program you will learn:

  • deep experiential knowledge to speak and teach from a place of authenticity
  • a firm understanding of why the practice of restorative is essential
  • how to hold space for students to create deep relaxation and healing
  • pranayama and meditations that compliment a restorative practice
  • how to use props intelligently to create a truly supportive practice
  • the skilled use of gentle hands-on adjustments
  • a keen discernment of ethical principles (yoga and westernized approaches)
  • a comprehension of the anatomical and physiological elements of each shape
  • energetic and spiritual philosophy to complement the shapes and practice itself

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We also offer other Destination, Intensive Immersion, Yoga Teacher Training Programs around the globe.

Our Whistler Yoga Teacher Training programs are accredited through Yoga Alliance, under our designation as a Registered Yoga School.  Programs are offered at our Whistler Studio (4433 Sundial Place | Whistler Village) and annually at the Sea to Sky Retreat Centre.  These programs are ideal for locals and those who wish to commute into the Village.  The Retreat program is also ideal for students coming from around the world, as it is an intensive immersion.  

Accreditation | Does it matter?  Yes, it matters!  It means each Yoga Teacher Training must cover curriculum outlined and approved by Yoga Alliance and it that a minimum set number of hours are allotted to each specific area.  Yoga Alliance also requires our program / faculty and administrators to follow stringent ethical guidelines and practices and training standards.

When a student has successfully completed the program they will certfied as a Yoga Teacher, qualify for liability insurance, and be ready to teach in their Community. 

Our Yoga Teacher Training Program encompasses all the elements for Certification as a Yoga Teacher in both Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, and is recognized around the world.

Unique benefits of our Yoga Teacher Training Whistler programs include: student groups capped from 13 students per program and, each training is taught by 2 full-time Teachers.  These benefits combined, provide for an intimate and dynamic experience for everyone involved.  

Lead Teacher Trainer and Whistler Studio Owner, Emily Kane welcomes you and invites you to find your purpose.  What is her favourite quote?  

Put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest of acts. ― Swami Sivananda

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