Gift buying can be stressful. Trying to figure out the right gift is tough for anyone, but what about that special yogi on your list?

We have a few great ides to get the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. All of our suggestions are easy to find, right here in Whistler.


Healing Crystals and Stones

The yogi in your life will be so happy to carry a physical manifestation of their intention wherever they go. We recommend checking out Rocks & Gems in Whistler for a selection of crystals and stones that offer protection and guidance.


Essential Oils

Essential oils can compliment any yoga practice. Any yogi can benefit from using them therapeutically or diffusing them in their home as a healthy alternative to air freshners. We recommend doTERRA for a selection of high quality oils that are naturally safe and effective.


Yoga Gear

What yogi doesn’t want fresh yoga gear? There are a couple great options in Whistler when shopping for your favorite yogi. Lululemon and Lole always have a great selection with different fabrics and designs to choose from. Both also carry a selection of props which can be great for any yogis wanting to develop their home practice as well.


Delicious Teas

Most yogis have a selection of teas hanging out in their cupboards. Give them a flavor they can’t get enough of this season! Some of our favorites are at the Whistler Tea House. If you’re looking for an herbal blend check out their Rooibus Chocolate Coconut Chai, a tasty treat to curl up with next to a fire! Another one we like is their Pu-erh featuring a decadent Scottish Caramel, yum!


A Private Yoga Class

Most yogis would love having the treat of getting a class just for them, or maybe even a small group of friends! Getting the luxury of a teacher to yourself can be amazing. More adjustments, more personal attention, AND the opportunity to work on some of the poses they’re dreaming of. Private classes can make the perfect no-hassle gift for any yogi.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this burst of gift inspiration — Happy holidays!

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