Yogacara has been featured as one of the best yoga studios in Canada by Stylight Magazine. What makes Yogacara so special you might ask? Here are a few reasons why students love joining us for yoga classes, holistic health sessions, yoga teacher training, and more.

1.) Always small class sizes

This is a rare opportunity for a yoga studio to cap classes at only 15 students. This allows for a unique connection with your teacher and community. You’ll always receive attention and care you deserve, plus you’ll never feel self-conscious about taking up too much space. There’s always enough to go around!

2.) Compassionate, caring, and skilled teachers

We understand yoga is for all and we encourage everyone to practice the values of yoga, on and off their mat. This is what inspires our teachers to hold space for everyone to enjoy their yoga practice. Those vibes can be felt right when you walk through the door. All of our teachers are highly trained and have a unique take on yoga however one common thread is clear: our passions come through our teaching to create a positive experience for all.

3.) Drink in the good vibes

The energy in the studio is palpable, even right when as you walk-in. The immediate zen feeling makes it the perfect space for you to connect to your highest self.

4.) A variety of options to support your practice and well-being

In our community we have the most variety to support your practice, on and off your mat. Our classes offer a variety of teachers and styles including hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and even kundalini.

We are the only regular Kundalini class offered in Whistler. This powerful practice is incredible for the open-minded who appreciate the spiritual side of things. Every class includes mantra and meditation which will help you feel illuminated the rest of your day!

Beyond yoga classes the studio offers workshops to stoke your curiosity and wellness offerings such as thai massage, thai cupping therapy, and reiki. Holding these sessions is our way of creating space for you to explore new possibilities and grow. We want you to tap into the best version of yourself!

5.) Going beyond the mat

At Yogacara we always go the extra mile to support the environment, our community, and beyond. The little things can make a big difference–compostable cups for tea, local/organic/fair trade tea, our book exchange, and our commitment to charitable causes. These small acts add up; we’re always doing what’s possible to create a better world.

Want to read the full article from Stylight Magazine that featured us as one of the top yoga studios in Canada? Click here!

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