If you’ve practiced at Yogacara Whistler before, you know we like to do things a bit differently. It’s the little things that make your practice so special. So how is being a Yogacara yogi any different? We’ve come up with best list of “You know you’re a Yogacara Yogi when” moments we think you’ll appreciate.

1.) You love small class sizes and a “no late” policy

Sure, every once in a while there’s a full class but you appreciate knowing that there will never be more than 14 other students. You enjoy having your own space, connecting with your teacher, and being part of a small community. You love knowing you’re more than just a number and feel that intention right when you walk in.

Speaking of walking in, you know that an uninterrupted practice feels fantastic which is why you appreciate the “no late” policy. You also realize the importance of boundaries and commitment so you understand its value. And those times you’ve showed up late, you’ve accepted that it was meant to be — practicing yoga has helped you take these moments with grace.

2.) You’ve experienced 150% Andrea, Emily’s adjustments, Kristen’s kindness, and Maeve’s contagious smile.

You know that having a great teacher is important so you’re grateful for the unique style each brings to practice everyday. Luckily, there are a few common threads; a passion for yoga and the ambition to help others. As a yogi, having a compassionate and understanding teacher feels awesome which is why you adore Yogacara staff.

3.) As much as you appreciate a strong vinyasa, or hatha practice, you also enjoy yin and restorative

If you call Whistler home, you probably love the outdoors and being super active which is great. Being ambitious and powerful is awesome but you also acknowledge how great it feels to slow down. You’re very aware of the need for stillness especially for a busy and active lifestyle which is why you’ve embraced it with open arms.

4.) Before Yogacara, you weren’t sure if Kundalini was yoga, or a type of pasta

All jokes aside, you may not have been sure what kundalini yoga was before, but it may just be your favorite practice now. You enjoy wearing white year-round, you practically brush your teeth to “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” and you never seem to need coffee on Wednesdays. Practicing kriyas gets you pumped to take on the day and inspires you to connect with your highest self.

5.) You’ve realized that props are your friend

Remember when you started yoga and had that “props are for beginners” attitude. Now, you appreciate a good cork or blue block and bolsters are pretty much a luxury item. You understand how much a good prop can enhance your practice at any level and love them now more than ever.

6.) You enjoy a good cup of tea

You savor the moments before and after class with a good cup of herbal tea (and maybe a Clif Bar!). You’ve forgotten the to-do list while sipping on an organic, yogi blend of tasty goodness, all before you’ve even hit your mat.

7.) You know you have a home away from home

Being a Yogacara yogi means you always have a cozy home away from home. Having a safe, welcoming space means a lot to you and feels great for your well-being.

Is there something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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