By Emily Kane, Owner & Teacher at Yogacara Whistler

snowgaWith yoga’s increasing popularity there are many emerging trends branching off to fit every lifestyle. “Snowga” is definitely no exception. For every skier or snowboarder who’s ever thought about trying yoga this may now be your chance… or maybe you’re a yogi who’s thought about giving one of these snow sports a try. Whatever’s brought you to the mountains, Snowga is a new way to blend yoga and snowsports.

The basic idea of “Snowga” is exactly how it sounds: merging the powerful practice of yoga with a lesson in skiing or snowboarding. The focus is on asana, or the postures in yoga, as wells as pranayama, or breath technique, along with meditation to help calm and prepare the body for a better mountain experience. The philosophy is that by using the conventions of yoga we can improve our skills and abilities to bring more enjoyment to snow sports. And what better way to enhance your yoga practice than by being in a pristine winter wonderland?

The benefits of Snowga range from enhancing self-awareness, improving well-being, preventing injury, increasing energy and self-confidence, as well as balance and alignment. If you’re still not convinced, the tools learned in Snowga can also be taken into your daily life. Even if “Snowga” isn’t available in your area, we can always use the techniques learned in yoga classes and bring that intention to skiing or snowboarding. Or even if it’s just on a scenic chairlift ride. Whatever your interest is, find your mountain bliss by blending yoga with winter activities; a great way to have fun and try something new!

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